This installation is composed of a Schatz cube nested together with two bolts to form a Metaeder. Kepler’s Metaeder contains all five platonic solids as well as the thirteen Archimedean solids. It is an object of meditation, a spatial mandala; its laws, proportions and beauties are revealed only in the spatial model. Participants are invited to handle the parts and piece them together any way they want. 


Paul Schatz was a Swiss mathematician and inventor. He studied Anthroposophy intensely – a philosophy which strives to bridge the clefts that have developed since the Middle Ages between the sciences, the arts and the religious strivings of man as the three main areas of human culture, and build the foundation for a synthesis of them for the future. Schatz discovered the inversion of the platonic solids, notably the cube. This new rhythmic inverse motion joins the basic movements of rotation (rotary motion) and translation (translating motion in a straight line).